Embracing change

Change buttonThe Merriam Webster says, Change is the act of or instance of becoming different. It says nothing about change being bad or change being good. That, most of the time, is up to us.

Last year at this time, I was complaining about change and the necessity of accepting it as a part of life and being alone after the death of my wife, was one of the changes in my life that was the hardest I ever had to accept. Up until now, ,the most difficult change in my 83 years of occupying my space on this rock called Earth, hurtling through space, was giving up the security of that 10 acre farm on Old Landing Road and facing the “outsiders” who I was sure were staring at me like the yokel that I was. I was just a skinny kid from the farm and I was scared.

After a 10 year “vacation” during my retirement, living in an apartment in Joppatowne on the “waterfront’ , just a stone’s throw from the Rumsey Island Canal, I was forced to relinquish my occupation of what I thought of as a spot in The Garden of Eden. My new “digs” are now in a beautiful, new house with my son Lance and his wife Robin, in a nice quiet spot in Baltimore County near Middle River. Due to my health problems, I am no longer able to star in the role of the old, self-reliant loner that I once enjoyed. I must admit that I did relish arising when I pleased, eating when and what I wished, be it good or bad for me. I cannot physically care for myself now due to my problems and Lance and Robin make sure I am always comfortable and well fed with nutritional food. Only an incredibly stubborn person could resist this kind of change.

Changes, like giving in and relinquishing control of our lives, they seem to get larger and bother us more as we get older. Change for all of us is inevitable and the degree of change does vary but, sure as life itself, we all must accept change in that life to assure our mental well-being.

Embrace changeBut change is not always bad, our ability to accept a new life-style and new friendships can open up new worlds that we had no idea existed in the narrow space that perhaps our life had entered. In my case, I have successfully pursued old friendships and opened my life up to a special new friend who just happened to need a friend in return. I feel I can call her about anything and we have ”talks” on the phone and internet every day. She, along with someone from my working past and a couple of old school chums have to this point, saved my life.

I know it is more difficult as we grow older and get a new ache here and an old pain comes back there and medicare rejects a claim or Medi-Gap Insurance costs more, but if we open ourselves just a little to our friends and “auld acquaintances”, who for perhaps some trivial reason we haven’t spoken to for years…meet them half way…who knows how good that change, like mine, could be for you.

Don Langrehr

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3 Responses to Embracing change

  1. Mike says:

    Its mostly a matter of perspective. That was a very inspiring and welcome article that I know in some parts of it were hard to do. You are indeed fortunate that you have your family and friends to rely on and that they do indeed love you with all their hearts.

  2. Keith says:

    So true, change whether welcome or not is inevitable. Fortunately, the one constant is the love of your family and friends.

  3. Dona says:

    I for one am not very accepting of change. I feel if it ain’t broke then why mess with it. Unfortunately real life is not like that and we all need to accept our “new normal”. Some things change without our permission, other things we may change ourselves. No matter how it happens, it happens to all of us. The only thing we can depend on IS the love of our family and friends, old and new.

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