Are we too late?

Global WarmingOne day it is time to get out the suntan lotion and a couple of beach towels because temps are nearing 70 degrees in the middle of January. Three days later we are facing the coldest part of winter. It’s just an abnormality in the weather, the die-hards are saying, but in reality this climate “problem” is real and it is too late to stop it. We can still slow it down to a degree but at this point it is something we all had a hand in and we all need to do our part in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

I am 83 years old and that one fact, along with some health issues, makes this a problem that I really need not concern myself with. By the time the first wars are fought over potable water, I will be gone and forgotten, but there will still be a whole lot of Langrehrs around discussing unbearable summers and how much they got for all those snowboards and skis they just sold because they had not been able to use for years. I dislike taking on the role of an alarmist but it is difficult to find anyone who will think seriously for more than 5 minutes about global warming, let alone discuss it.

When the world made that turn many years ago to go with “lands of many automobiles”, we sort of sealed our fate. We’d never even heard the expression “fossil fuels”, and if there was a scientist or two a hundred years ago who raised the question, he or she was quietly and quickly silenced by the powers that then and still do control the destiny of our planet. A few years ago, when we were fighting at least 2 wars that no one can truthfully explain, we were all told that oil supplies were finite and we must pollute the planet further by drilling in every open spot on earth. They have eventually gotten their way and there is drilling in backyards across the country. This monster “Fracking” is polluting billions upon billions of gallons of drinking water that is permanently poisoned and can never be recovered.

TIt was many years ago that owners of the oil in the middle-east were beginning to have potable water concerns and half-serious, half tongue-in-cheek, talked of towing icebergs to their countries and letting them melt there to supplement their drinking water. Now they would have trouble finding an iceberg to tow. So what did they do? They began massive building programs, created land masses where there was formerly water, and water usage is so great that they have gone a long way towards depleting the aquifers that lie deep beneath them.

Mother earth is a “closed system” and as such, has no way of increasing the amount of water available to sustain life on the planet. We have the same amount of water available now as we did a million years ago. There is roughly 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth but only 2 percent of that is fresh water and most of that was once locked in the polar ice caps and icebergs. When our polar ice melts due to global warming, then the fresh water mixes with the ocean’s salty brine and we are losing more of our fresh water that we need for life.

While we are in the water, so to speak, I’d like to pass along to you another gem to add to the whereabouts of water on our beautiful planet…Each living human, for every 100 pounds of weight carries over half of that in water and water weighs just under 10 pounds per gallon…so the more people the more fresh water walking around the planet that is part of that grand total. We know where it is but it is being put to use. These are approximate figures but close enough to show you just what our H20 is into.

I am no great authority on all the solutions to global warming which is a problem we should have made #1 yesterday. Most times I have felt like John the Baptist, like that voice of one crying in the wilderness. Like to know what you think, or if you even think about where we are headed. Maybe we are too late…

global warming 3


Don Langrehr

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sure does give us a lot to think about!

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