Ways to make your workouts fun!

lifting weightThe #1 reason people stop exercising is because they start feeling bored and unchallenged.  Okay, so I don’t know that for a FACT, but there’s one thing I know and it’s that people are more successful when they challenge themselves.

I should clarify. When I say “challenge yourself” I do not mean you should take your body beyond what it can handle. The word challenge has been horribly misinterpreted because we live in a black-and-white world. People think if they’re not killing themselves, then they must be taking it too easy.


A challenge could be as simple as trying out a new type of exercise, deciding to work towards a particular goal, or just stepping outside your comfort zone every once in a while.

Even if you fail from time to time, you’ll feel so much more accomplished if you push yourself to do new and challenging things, than you would if you just keep doing what you already know you can do.

spin classFeeling accomplished is probably the best way to have fun while training. Let’s face it: kicking ass is fun. 

It may sound lame, but learning is fun. I always say – knowledge is power!  You don’t have to admit it publicly, but you know I’m right. Whenever you learn something new, you feel a sense of accomplishment.  Which is what should happen and it’s a damn good thing!

So, imagine how much more fun you’d have if, instead of focusing on “powering through” exercise, you focused on learning how to master your body through new skills.   Everyone does what they’re good at.  In my opinion you’ve succeeded there, when it’s easy, then its time to do something new.  The things that we don’t like or find difficult are usually the exercises that we should be working on.

Not to mention, you can do some pretty fun things with your body once you learn how – get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about doing things like burpee pull-ups and handstands!  Don’t hesitate to email if you’re ready for a challenging but fun workout.

Diane Meola

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