My Love/Hate Relationship

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a love/hate relationship with one of my fitness passions.  Maybe you can go a step further and say, “Hey, Carri, I have a love/hate relationship with fitness… Period.”  I can understand that and, in fact, would have to agree.  I’ll start with my relationship with running and go from there.

I hate to run, but I love how it makes me feel.  I hate getting started, but when I get going, my obsession with the adrenaline rush can’t be compared to anything.  I both love and hate how sore I am when I haven’t done it for a while and then run really hard.  What I’ve hated the most the last few weeks is my inability (or my lack of desire?) to run outside because of the heat and humidity.  What I didn’t love was getting on the treadmill at the gym last weekend and running for the first time in weeks.  I loved how I felt the next day, but I dislike the treadmill so very much.  I like to run… usually.  See how it’s love/hate, folks?!?!  What I hate the most is that this form of exercise is the one that keeps me in the best shape.  But, that’s truly what I love the most about it.  AAAHHHHH!!!

I realize that many feel the same way about fitness in general as I do about running.  Love what it provides/hate doing it.   But love doing it/hate getting started.  Yeah?   Sometimes, anyway, I think.

Let’s take a look at some of the loves and hates that go with exercise, shall we?  Maybe if I make a list of mine, you will share yours.  Deal?   I’m gonna be completely honest here, folks and I hope you share, too.  Here goes…


  • How I feel when it’s over (Yay, me!)
  • How I look and feel when I keep up with it (Healthier, leaner, stronger…)
  • My emotional state when I’m in the midst and afterwards (I’m a bit more relaxed…for me, anyway.)
  • How it drives my desire to eat healthier (Exercise and I feel I need to back it up!)
  • What I’ve been able to share with others through teaching (I love what I do and I want you to, also.)
  • That I feel so much like I WANT to do it!  (Because I know all of the above.)


  • Takes lots of time (Drive time to gym and home, workout, shower, etc.) when I could be doing something else (Kinda like cleaning my house…Oh, yay!  Does this count as a hate?)
  • Needs constant attention (Can’t just skip days and stay motivated.  Is this starting to sound like a child?)
  • Gets more challenging as you get older and that can be depressing (This old girl doesn’t metabolize like she used to!)
  • That I feel like I HAVE to do it.  (“Have’s” can be so much harder than “want’s”.)

Fortunately, for me, these loves outweigh the hates.  I have the personality that realizes that the have to’s must overpower the lack of want to’s sometimes.  If you struggle, you’re not alone.  I struggle all the time.  I have struggled more in recent months with eating right than I have with exercise, but that’s something I’ll have to address now, as I’m realizing that my body isn’t as young as it used to be and is beginning to work in different ways.

Please take a minute to share your love/hates.  It’s nice to hear the support of others and maybe, just maybe, you can help someone!

Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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