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One stands strong on Rumsey Island

It has been 15 days and the finches have been guarding their clutch of eggs  like “nervous-nellies”, awaiting the tell-tale peck from inside the shell that signals the final step in the miraculous transformation from egg to eating machine. The embryo develop what is known … Continue reading

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It’s time to s-KALE up your diet

It seems as though the past year has been a great exploring and learning year for me, especially in the area of food.  I’ve never been that into cooking and didn’t feel I was very good at it.  It just wasn’t in … Continue reading

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The Home Stretch

After a visit to the bee yard to watch the take-offs and landings of the honeybees, we noticed that bumblebees were all over the wild raspberries Sunday evening.  They have been busy pollinating and there looks to be a nice … Continue reading

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