What’s new at the Maryland Zoo

You may remember that recently I wrote an article on the wonderful zoos we have access to in our area and how they can be a big part of your summer.  The Maryland  Zoo in Baltimore, with easy access off I83 and located in the middle of  beautiful Druid Hill Park,  has been kind enough to send me a list of special programs they will be offering this summer, beginning around the end of June.  The programs they’ve put together are both educational and informative and for children of all ages. There will also be family programs aimed at adults and older children.

Programs will begin at the end of June and continue through the end of August. The best part is, once you have paid your admission, there is no extra charge for participating in any of the programs, they just ask that you call to register ahead of time, since they need to know if they have at least 5 participants.

Tuesdays – the programs are aimed at children from 3 to 5 years old and one day may focus on things like Penguins and where they live, on another day Monkeys and Lemurs  will be leaping through the trees in a treetop ballet.  Next time they may get to meet the Lions, Cheetahs and the Leopards, the big cat family or maybe receive a special introduction to the creatures of the far North, like Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes and even some crotchety old Ravens, not the football players but their mascots. And we cannot forget the giants of the African plains, the Elephants, the armor-plated Rhinos and the long-necked Giraffe or how about a look at the amphibians like salamanders, frogs and lizards and other dwellers of the swamps to see how they live. (beginning at 10:30 and will run for approximately 2 hours.)

Thursdays- the programs will be very similar to those listed above but will be specially arranged for children ages 6 to 9. (beginning at 10:30 and running for approximately 2 hours)

If Tuesdays and Thursdays don’t fit into your schedule, every Wednesday, beginning July 4th, from 10:30 to 11:30,  there will be a special program for the entire family that will feature visits to animal habitats.  They will range from the Rain Forests Eco-systems to Wetlands to meeting in a tent near the Gorilla statues to learn about their Congo River. You will also discover just what a Savannah is and who lives there.

If Saturday is the only day you are free to visit the Zoo, they have not forgotten you.  Each and every Saturday, beginning on the 30th of June, from 11:00 to noon, you can take part in a special programs entitled Ecology Explorations geared towards everyone ages 5 through adults. You will discuss all species of birds along with many kinds of reptiles and insects, small and large, found here and around the world. You’ll also take a look at skulls and bones, both new and old.  Saturday’s programs will run from the end of June  through August.

Mondays and Fridays- If personnel and participants are available, they will hold 15 minute mini-tours investigating frog ponds, giant tadpoles, debris on the forest floors using a magnifying glass and even take you on a search for flower garden insect.  So no matter when you get a day to visit, there will be a little something extra to make your visit special and memorable.

If you would like more information on this program or wish to register ahead of time (they need five registered participants in order to hold a class), you may call 443-552-5300.

If you haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, there are some more interesting facts and figures about the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore in the June edition of The Zone Magazine.  It is free and may be accessed at www.thezonemag.com.

See you at the Zoo this summer.

Don Langrehr

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