Reasonable Rides

My blog today is primarily aimed at our readers of The Zone who live or have family or friends in Harford County. Those of us in the more highly populated part of Harford County, are using a service that the Seniors, handicapped and other citizens in the rest of the county may not be aware of or taking full advantage.

Harford County Transit has a fleet of modern busses equipped with lifts that cover 5 different routes in Harford County from Belair south to the county line, with Harford Mall being the jumping off point for the regular routes to Havre de Grace, Aberdeen and Edgewood. The other is a round-town route to the Senior Center, hospital and other hot spots.

Children under 3 are free and the general public may ride each route for $1.00 with one transfer available for each route at no charge. Seniors over sixty, Medicare card holders and the handicapped may get a ½ price card and ride for .50 cents. If you look especially young for your age, you may be required to show proof of age at pick up.  Individual schedules for the different routes and pick-up times can be accessed by calling 410-612-1620.

In addition to this general bus service, made available to us by Harford County, is a special service available county-wide at a slightly higher cost but far below what it would cost an individual to have someone transport them by personal automobile or taxi.  Paratransit services are available to Harford County residents who are sixty and over or have a disability or handicapping condition.

To become eligible for this service you simply call Harford Transit at the number above and give them your name and date of birth.  If you are under sixty and handicapped, you may be asked to fill out an American Disability Acts form. Paratransit Service is a curb-to-curb service and you will be picked up in any accessible area you designate that is safe and taken to any location in Harford County that you need to go.

The cost for this service is $2.00 at the time of pick-up and an additional $2.00 when you board for the ride back home. If the Handicapped requires an attendant, they may accompany them and simply pay the same fee. However, if you pre-register as a necessary attendant, you will not be charged the $2.00 for each leg of the trip.

You designate how long you will need before being picked up for return and every effort will be made to accommodate you. Reservations in advance are required for this curb-to-curb service and may be made up to 90 days in advance between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Paratransit is on a first-come-first-service basis and when a day is full, no more reservations will be taken. So scheduling your ride in advance, if possible, is best.

This service may be used for Doctor’ appointments, Hospital outpatient appointments, to see your lawyer, go to the Mall, visit a sick friend , visit a well friend. etc. I have used this service about a half-dozen times and it is more than satisfactory.  I can make use of my Scooter and ride on and off the lift.  My family and I have also made use of the .50 cent ride to Harford Mall from the Canal several times, we had a pleasant driver and a very good ride. I also am able to make use of the Scooter on the regular routes.

Spring is here, why not take advantage of it and venture forth on your own trek to the mall, have lunch at Friendly’s, walk around and see all the new shops and merchandise on display. Get your own schedule, plan a trip, maybe I’ll see you there…look for my red Scooter.

Both physical health and mental health are dependant largely on one’s ability to maintain some independent life style. Being able to go out on your own and travel some distance in spite of the fact you can no longer drive after more than 65 years, lifts the spirits again, at least for a while. Baltimore county has a program that is somewhat like Harford but not as comprehensive and while I was not able to get any costs, the gentleman that I spoke with said I had to register first and cost was higher than Harford County but the service is there.

From one man on a red scooter…thank you Harford County for caring.

Don Langrehr  –  drop him a line by e-mailing

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2 Responses to Reasonable Rides

  1. Dona says:

    This is great information for those in need of this service!

  2. Keith says:

    Yes, a really nice service from Harford County. Nice to see our tax dollars used in such a positive way. Thanks for all of the information!

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