Does spring lift your spirits?

After what feels like a long, wet (not from snow) winter, I finally feel the light (yes, from the sun) at the end of the tunnel.  Not sure about you, but winter gets me down.  I’m not a fan of the cold, am definitely not friends with the snow and when those big, blustery clouds cover up the sun, I’m just not me!

The early arrival of spring has me in a great mood.  When I’m in a great mood, everyone around me benefits… kid, dog, and husband.  My daughter loves to be outside.  Fortunately for me, she loves to walk and hike.  Fortunately for the dog, I like to do both.  And, whether my hubby realizes it, he’s lucky that I make him do these fun things.  I also really enjoy bike riding and this year, I think my daughter will, too.  I plan to invest in one of the attachments for my bike; I think it’s called a tagalong.  So, she can benefit from all my hard work pedaling, by pretending to help out behind me.  Man, is she going to miss that nice comfy baby seat that used to be attached to my bike!

Last week I had the joy of my first long run on the trail.  For those of you who know me, you all know I’m quite the “gym rat”.  My car is basically on autopilot (Ha-ha, it’s an Auto Pilot!)… It goes to preschool, to the gym and home, all by itself some days, it feels.  Boy, did I throw it for a loop the day we went past 83 to turn down the next street in order to get to the NCR Trail!  I like the comfort of my routine and love being at the gym.  But, being able to run outside is a welcome change as the weather gets nicer.  It was a chilly morning, but it was absolutely beautiful.  Coming from Chicago, running on flat grid-like streets allows me to fully appreciate what we have up here in the Hereford Zone, and all over Maryland, I guess.

The trail is a beautiful place to walk or run.  It’s a fantastic place to let the kids run, while exercising your furry friends.  My daughter and her little friend especially like going north of Parkton where they can play along the trail on the fitness equipment.  We also have an abundance of hiking trails, if the near flat/low grade NCR Trail isn’t for you.  I look forward to those hikes up and down hills and across little streams.  And, so as not to leave out another of my favorites, loading the bike on the back of the car and riding for mile after glorious mile is always a way to lift my spirits.

I hope you are all finding fun in your outdoor activities this early spring.  It will be unbearably hot before we know it, I’m sure.  Get out there and enjoy the 70’s while we have them.  Yesterday marked it officially for us, so from me to you all… Happy spring!

What’s your favorite spring activity… Where?  Do share!

Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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