Water does a body good!

If you have children or have spent time with them, you know that some of the things they say are unbelievable.  They hear adults talking, they hear us tell them things, they’re super inquisitive.  But, I find it hard to believe when my 5-year-old daughter actually spits one of my preachings back at me.  For all the times I say, “Did you hear me?  Are you listening to me?” These are the times that I know those sweet little ears do listen, she does pick up on things and yes, she has selective hearing like her father!

Leaving her gymnastics class the other day, my daughter asked for water.  She’s a bigger fan of buying bottles everywhere we go than I am, but I usually give in because I’m a firm believer in hydration.  Clearly I’ve communicated this belief to her a time or two, because when I told her we actually had a bottle full in the car, she responded, “Good, because I just finished my gymnastics class and I don’t want to get dehydrated.  Right, mommy?”  HA!  Good to know she’s listening to me when I ramble on at her.

My daughter and I have something in common (many things, actually), despite the fact that we’re not genetically linked.  One of the things I noticed early on is she gets super red in the face and she is quick to sweat, just like her momma.  I have always drilled it into her head that it’s a good idea to drink water on a hot day while running around or to simply drink water throughout the day.  And, clearly, I have used the words hydrated/dehydrated enough for her to pick up on them.

I don’t write today for the sole reason that summer is coming which is a very important time to remember to drink your water.  In fact, with cold and flu season still looming (and hopefully almost behind us), it would have been appropriate a few months ago, as well.  Staying hydrated is always important.  More than half the body’s makeup is water.  When we lose it, we must remember to replace it to keep healthy.  Always remember to replace the water you lose, whether it be during exercise or through other bodily functions, illness related or not.

Often times, I’ll forget to bring water with me when I’m on the go.  I’ll notice because I’m not stopping to “potty” at Target or on any of my other errands.  If I get tired or fatigued in the afternoon, generally it’s related to lack of fluid intake.  If I have a glass of water or two, the headache that may have developed due to dehydration magically disappears.  If your mouth is dry, grab some water.  If you’re thirsty, stop what you’re doing and take a drink.  It’s really that simple.  All of the above are symptoms of dehydration.  Not letting it get to that point is your best bet.

Now, many people ask, “How much water should we take in on a daily basis?”  I’ve heard that the general rule of thumb 8 glasses/8 ounces each.  I can’t say I live by that rule, myself because I tend to sweat (a lot), on a daily basis.  Obviously, this means I need more.  Some folks may even need less.  Drinks like iced tea and lemonade can help to hydrate you, as well, because they’re made of up a large percentage of water.  On the other hand, caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee can have the opposite effect.

I’m happy to be raising a child who knows, at an early age, the importance of this topic.  I’m even happier that things like juice and soda are her “drink of choice”.  Do you drink enough water?  Could you use a bit more?  How do you feel in the middle of the afternoon or when you wake up in the morning?  Think about these things, perhaps over a tall drink of water!  Cheers!

Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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2 Responses to Water does a body good!

  1. getPHYT says:

    I try to drink as much water as possible, but I don’t think I actually drink 8 glasses a day. I try to limit coffee drinking to only in the morning. In the afternoon, when I’m tired, I just drink water instead. I think it actually wakes me up more. Check out our post on water! http://getphyt.org/2011/12/06/waters-all-around-please/ and let us know what you think! I’d pick water over soda any day of the week.

  2. I agree with you 100%. Drinking lots of water every day keeps the skin and body healthy.

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