Cleaning house = Cleaner eating

“If it’s in the house, I’ll probably eat it!”  This is my regular response to my daughter when she asks why we don’t have “treats” for her or to my husband’s request for roasted salted almonds or potato chips.  I am one of the many that just can’t have junk sitting around, because often times, it disappears.  And, I’m not talking about throwing it in the trash, although I do that quite frequently with things that just don’t belong here.

I live in a family of 3, with a husband who travels 2-3 days most weeks.  I realize I have a 5-year-old who likes to have treats now and then (Well, ok, now and now).  She loves to bake and I do my best not to deprive her of this joyous activity.  So, the double chocolate with funfetti frosting brownies that she chose as our last baking activity have recently found their way to the trash. 

My mother was in town and boy, does she love her treats, too.  Once Grandma was on a plane to fly away home, the brownies saw the end to their stay, as well.  With only 2 of us left for them to speak to, it was safer (for me) that way.

For the “if it’s here, I’ll eat it” reason, I usually keep the foods in my house healthy.  I do buy things for my daughter, like breakfast cereal and microwave pancakes, Easy Mac and Cheese and hot dogs, and other snacking foods.  But, these don’t tempt me.  It’s the salty and sweet that gets to me.  These things can be my demise.  For this reason, I very, very rarely have ice cream in the house.  I’m the kinda gal that could sit down with a pint, blink and then wonder what the heck happened. 

I want my daughter to grow up knowing that it’s ok to have treats, so, like I said, I do bake with her.  We often bake using healthier ingredients and are more inclined to do so when the goodies are going somewhere they can stay vs. staying where we are.  I’m happy to treat her to a cookie at Wegman’s or a cupcake from Graul’s every now and again.  I’m just happier to not have the temptation, myself.

As I said, my mom was in town this past weekend and she loves to enjoy tasty treats while on “vacation”.  I don’t blame her, but I’m not on vacation in my own home.  My key to eating healthier is to be surrounded by healthy.  So, I spent the late morning ridding the house of the brownies, the chicken salad loaded with mayo, the white bread, the “nonsense” yogurt (just my silly name for regular yogurt that doesn’t have the protein in my Greek yogurt) and few other purchases that found their way in over the past few days.  Had I not done this, I can’t even imagine what my food choices for my mid-morning post-run would have been.  Ugly, I’m sure.

Yes, it’s a waste of money, I understand.  But, I’d throw away a bit of money to save a bit on health, any day.  Otherwise, it’s living life one step forward (exercise), two steps back (poor diet).  I work too hard for that.  Is it time for you to clean house?  Maybe start over with a cleaner pantry?  Think about it…

Happy Hump Day, all!  Have you gotten over your health “hump” yet?  Want to share your story?  You’re always welcome to make a guest appearance, just let me know!

Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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