There’s an App for that!

I’ve recently made a rather significant change in my life, one I resisted for quite some time.  When it comes to technology, I’m not all that adept.  I joined the world of Blackberry over 3 years ago.  I knew my phone inside and out and it was truly my sidekick.  It rarely left my side. 

Feeling like an expert at something makes us less inclined to make a switch to a new (even if it’s better) tool.  Well, folks, I stepped away from the comfort of Blackberry and got my first iPhone.  It took a lot of time and research before I made the commitment, but I have to say, I’m pleased with my choice.  I used to chuckle when I’d hear “There’s an app for that,” but now I must say, often times I cheer. 

Where am I going with this and how does it relate to wellness?  Fitness Apps, folks!  I love them and I’m kind of addicted!

For those of you who use Weight Watchers and track points along with your daily activity, I have an App for you!  MyFitnessPal is truly your pal, people!  Not only is it free, but it’s easy to use and comes with so many “bonuses”.  You get the calorie counter with a huge database of food, a recipe counter, an exercise tracker to figure in your calories burned, along with discussion forums that you can use to share experiences, get motivated by other or feel like part of a fitness community, right on your own phone!  If you’re paying for Weight Watchers, try this for free on the side.  See what you think.  I think it’s a cool find.

Now, if you’re the one who’s always looking for a change in routine, a new exercise for a particular muscle/group, I have another cool App to share.  Fitness Buddy is super cool!  This App has a library of over 1700 exercises, complete with images and animations.  It literally tells you how to perform an exercise and then will show you the images in animated steps.  I love it! It also gives you workouts (for varying fitness levels), either for your whole body or specific muscle groups.  Pocket personal trainer, you ask?  Yep, kind of.. That’s not all, though.  This App has a workout history tracker and other trackers for your weight and body metrics, as well as blood pressure.  It will even graph your progress for you.  A lot of offerings for one little App, I’d say.

I also have an App called Ab Workouts that I’ve grown rather fond of.  It shows you a wide variety of abdominal exercises, can provide you with workouts to target the areas you’re eager to work, gives you the option to sign up with an online trainer (I know nothing about this piece), and has a bunch of fun food facts.  I like having this little guy around on Ab Day to give me some helpful tips that make my belly feel the burn. Check it out! 

Last, but certainly not least…. My Tabata Timer!  I wrote a blog several months ago about the Tabata Profile.  I use it in my workouts all the time and this free App allows me to incorporate Tabata into my workout without having to watch the seconds tick away on a clock or piece of cardio equipment.  I can remain engrossed in my music and the timer sounds for me.  Perfect!  Need someone to track your high intensity intervals?  This one’s for you!

If you have the means to buy/download some of these Apps, check them out.  If you have a fitness App you can’t live without, please share.  We’d all love some new ideas!

Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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