My scale is my friend… or is it my enemy?

This week I’m not going with a blog that’s going to share some interesting piece of knowledge that I’ve picked up here or there.  I’m not going to pass along something I’ve researched or share with you some of my wonderful findings. 

This week I want to share an interesting conversation I had while amongst a close group of friends.  We all have friends we consider to be close, the ones we trust not to judge us or make us feel bad for having quirks.  This is the kind of group I was with and I really did enjoy our discussion about our friend… or foe:  The Scale!

Somehow, the group got on the topic of how often we weigh ourselves.  We talked about why and what the numbers mean to us when we do weigh ourselves.  I chimed in my favorite line, “I love to convince myself that I weigh more because muscle weighs more than fat.” 

One member of the group had recently thrown out her scale; one hasn’t had one in years and claims she’ll never have one again.  Another friend said that she weighs herself maybe once a week, “just to see”.  I felt a little odd sharing my response and felt a small group of eyes staring in my direction when I admitted that I get on the scale every morning right after waking up.  GASP!  EVERY DAY?  Yes, every day. 

Now, if I were weighing myself every single day, hoping to see miraculous changes each time I did, I think that might be a little odd.  But, no, folks, I’m not odd.  I’m just obsessive.  No, really, it’s not that, either.  I’m compulsive.  OK, truth – A little of both. 

Let me explain myself a bit here so there’s a bit of understanding as to why this is a part of my every day routine (the routine I follow to a tee nearly every morning because otherwise it would result in a bad, bad day).  It’s part of my every day routine.  I am such a creature of habit. 

I get out of bed, I grab my water and take my morning medicine on my way to the potty, I go to the bathroom, then I hop on the scale.  Every day, same way.  When I get on that scale, do I see the number that’s there?  Sure I do.  Am I stressing about it?  Sometimes.  Is it just simply something I’ve grown used to doing?  Yep, that’s pretty much all it is.  If I’m away from home and it’s not right there next to the bathtub, I don’t use it (Well, ok, at my parent’s house it’s in virtually the same spot, so there I do.), but here, in my own home, it’s become a part of me. 

How often do you weigh yourself and why?  How often is too often, if there even is a too often?  I think the latter half of my first question may be most important.  Why?  What does that number mean to you; what does it do for you?  Does it tell you that you need to work harder?  Does it motivate you?  Does it make you want to quit?  Does it depress you?  Is the scale and that number your friend or is it one of your worst enemies?  I think that’s what we all need to decide. 

My scale really doesn’t stress me out, so I don’t feel like it’s hurting me.  However, sometimes when I make poor choices, day after day, I don’t like what it has to say.

All in all, I’m gonna have to go with Frenemy on this one, because, depending on the time of month or even time of year (Christmas), that little white contraption with those ugly black numbers can be just that… Ugly!  No friend of mine!  But, during my normal routine, when I see on a Saturday morning, after eating a “cheat meal” of pizza with the family on a Friday night, that the number has stayed the same, I can sigh in relief.  I can smile at my friend down there on the floor and say, “It was worth it.” 

The Scale – Do you have one?  If so, what’s yours… Friend, Enemy or Frenemy?  Do share!


Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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