Get in and stay in!

I walked into the gym on Monday, January 2nd to a mob scene.  Really… I think everyone AND their brother was there.  Now, I know it was a holiday and, to be honest, I recognized almost everyone in the place.  So, the resolutioners weren’t hard at work…yet. 

It was interesting to hear the reaction of many people that day, however.  I heard a bunch of things like, “It won’t last.  How long do you give them?  It’ll only be crowded until mid-February and then back to normal.”  I know how the folks feel that were sharing this, shall I call it feedback?  It’s their gym, they go all the time, why, now, do they have to share?  It makes sense, right? 

I’m a huge believer in regular exercise.  I think it’s great for the mind and soul, along with all the physical benefits.  I don’t really know how I’d live without it.  I try not to preach, but just share my strong belief that it should be a part of everyone’s life. 

With that said, I was actually happy to see the cardio deck packed.  I was thrilled to see a giant number in the classes I taught that morning.  (I know, I know, when I teach, I don’t have to share.)  One of the “occupational hazards” I have to deal with is not being able to take a class if it has the potential to be full.  I had to give up a bike in a class I wanted to take last week to a paying member, and that was fine by me.  That’s one more person with a goal of incorporating fitness into their busy life.  I love it!

Many of you may know where a gym makes a huge part of its yearly earnings.  Any guesses?  I’m assuming that they make more on members who pay and don’t go than they do on members who pay and go on a regular basis.  I saw a check in on the screen at our front desk this morning that said, “Last check in 106 days.”  My response was, “Great to see you!” 

Think of all your bills… Electric, gas, credit card, etc.  Everything you pay for, you use.  You pay the electric bill and it allows you to stay warm in the house.  You pay the gas bill and it allows you to run the stove/oven and make meals.  Right?  So, if you’re paying for the gym, go! 

Now, if you’re not paying for a gym, maybe you want to make it your New Year’s Resolution to get/stay healthy.  If that’s the case, then come on up to Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.  Tell them you read about the gym in The Zone.  Tell them Carri sent you, maybe they’ll even give you a good deal.  Then, come find me, introduce yourself and be a part of the action. 

Finally, make the commitment to continue coming.  Don’t be that statistic that fades off in February.  Be the one who proves it wrong.  Use what you pay for and live a healthier, happier life.

Happy New Year to you all.  Thanks for reading and I hope 2012 brings you much happiness and great HEALTH!

Carri Nelsen of Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.

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