Thanks for Thanksgiving

Today is a day of feasts and thanks.  We all eat more than we should and give thanks for the obvious things we have and to the obvious people who are responsible for our good fortunes.  After about seventy years of thanking God specifically and the public generally, I will attempt to remember those who are responsible for what and where I am today. 

I am only recalling 70 years but for all my years, including the first 11,  I owe my life, who I am and my thanks to my Mother and Father. Without their hands on that first eleven years, the next 70 may never have happened.

My first thank you should go to the Rutkowski Brothers who had a farm on Raphel Road and where my first dollar was earned that helped the family cover expenses. It was picking beans and I was happy to do it. Then I became a grocer, when Frank Yeager gave me a job during the summer and after school at the Kingsville Market.  I considered this my first real job.

When I graduated from High School and became 18, I needed full-time work and jobs were scarce. The State Highways department had a shop in Kingsville and the local Superintendant was a member at St. Stephen. His name was Charlie Lynch and he gave me a job as helper on a sign truck, pay was poor but it was a job. So I was a Highway worker…and I thank you Charlie.

The Glenn L Martin Company had just gotten a new contract to build a Dive Bomber and was hiring, so I applied and suddenly had a better job with better pay.  I was building airplanes, thanks Glenn L. Unfortunately after about a year, with no new wars, the government cut the contract, the Mauler as they called it, became history and I was unemployed.

My next thank you goes to Mr.Walter Jackson at the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company.  He was the manager of the office in Belair and he hired me to work as a Customer Relations Clerk.  It only paid $28.00 per week but it was full-time work.  I was happy. 

Next acknowledgement must go to  North Korea…They decided to invade the south and I enlisted in the Air Force and bid adieu to  Public Relations. My thanks in the Air Force goes to M/ Sgt  Kendust  under who guidance I earned 4 stripes in less than 2 years and to Major Greenwald  for his kindness, friendship and knowledge.

After my stint in the Air Force, my next thanks go to Bob Lysle, my  boss for the first 30 years at McGraw-Hill Inc and thanks also to  Red Newhouser for 5 more great years and to Kate Gibson for the final and probably the most enjoyable, sorry Red, 5 years I spent spreading the word for the worlds greatest Information Systems Company. 

And last but by no means the least, I must include Jennifer Kline for giving me the opportunity to relay a tale or two to you and fulfill a lifelong ambition of mine. I am happy that I am still able to remember the names of most of my benefactors in this  journey to Joppatowne. If I have missed anyone, my sincere apology and also my thanks for your contribution to life.

Don Langrehr

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