Exercise…you just don’t have the time, right?

I had a conversation today with Heather Madden, who is my boss, the co-owner at Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury.  In this conversation, she and I discussed a feeling we both hold very near to our hearts… Everyone should exercise.  We talked about members at gyms and why people cancel their membership.  One of the main reasons is that people move away, but the one that makes me sad is the member that cancels because he/she just doesn’t have time to exercise. 

Now, I do believe I live a life of luxury… I get to stay home and take care of the house, take care of my daughter – driving to/from school, activities and appointments, I get to teach group fitness classes a few times per week, I get to write for The Zone Magazine once a week.  I mean, really, what’s better than that, right?! 

No, seriously, I do feel like I’m extremely lucky to be somewhat of a stay-at-home mom.  With this “job” comes my ability to make it to the gym almost every morning of every week, during every month of the entire year.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I have time, right?

That’s where I’m not 100% convinced.  I am more in belief of the statement that “I make time.”  Would it be much easier to be showered and ready to do all the things I need to do in one day by the time I have to drop my daughter off at school?  Perhaps. 

Would it be nice to sit down multiple times during the day and enjoy reading the paper, having a snack or eating my lunch without being on the run?  Sure.  But, I have chosen to make sacrifices. Like eating while standing or sitting in the preschool pickup line or taking my daughter along on errands in the afternoon, when it would be so much easier to run them while she’s at school. 

I don’t leave at 6:30am and get home from work at 5pm.  That’s not my life, but when it was, I was still able to make time to get to the gym, while making some sacrifices elsewhere.  But, what if you just can’t do it?  What if it’s just not something that will work into your lifestyle now, or ever?  Take a minute to think about some of the things you COULD do…

Do you watch the news or any other form of television?  If so, then you can get some core/ab work in while doing that.  Get down on the floor in a hover or plank position and do some ab work in 30 second intervals. 

Do you cook or spend any time in the kitchen?  While you’re waiting for that water to boil for your pasta, use the edge of your countertop to do some push-ups or hang onto it and get a few sets of calf raises in. 

Do you walk outside to get the paper in the morning?  Add on 5 or 10 minutes and take a brisk walk or jog up the street and back. 

Do you have stairs at the office?  Use them.

My friend was in a situation a few months ago where she was working for Verizon during the strike.  She was “stuck” at a desk and attached to a phone for 10 hours a day.  She laughed when she told me she was the only one in there doing plyometrics while taking calls.  She didn’t have an office door to close, but perhaps you do.  Close that door and get a few sets of squats or lunges in to strengthen those legs. 

Go ahead… Make time.  You may just feel better for it!

Carri Nelsen


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