Books for a Buck

About a month ago I told you of a book I found at a yard sale and of all the books that are available for free, on my Nook.  No word from anyone yet on the book about the Indians and Harford County.  It is being perused, maybe as we speak, by a long-time Ranger with the Department of Natural Resources.  She knows much about Harford County and the Indians that dwelt therein and if I find any new information I will relay it to you.

While I have your reading attention,  I would like to tell you of a place where you can get hard cover,  high quality, books.  Some by well-known authors, covering just about any subject that you may be interested in, for the startling price of just $1.00! 

These are brand new books, never been read before, sometimes just one copy, sometimes a whole stack of them.  They come from over-stocked stores, stores that have closed and many other sources.  These are the same books that sell for $20.00 to $30.00, or more, in the stores. 

I have been buying books at the DollarTree stores in Joppatowne and on Bouldon St in Belair for about 3 years now. During that time I have purchased about 30 books.  After I read them, I’ll keep a few for re-reading and some I give to relatives and friends.  The rest I donate to the Joppatowne branch of the Harford County Library for one of their surplus book sales that puts the books in a new pair of hands for about a dollar.

To illustrate just a bit of the great reading material available, here are just three that I have acquired:

The Planets by Dava Sobel is probably the best book I have ever read (and I have read a lot of them) on our Solar system and how it was formed.  I loaned it to a Science teacher in Harford County and he in turn loaned it to several others and they all concurred, one of the best ever on our Planets.  Warning…it is 270 pages and once started, it is hard to put down. I went back to the  Dollar store where I bought the first book, they had 5 more, bought them and gave them to 3 teachers and my grandchildren.

Next there is Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton (he’s sold over 150 million books), author of Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain and  too many others to list them here.  This book was discovered as a completed manuscript in his files after his death in 2008, so it was published after his demise. It is set in the 1665 Caribbean Sea and is about swashbuckling, treasure and betrayal. I have read it twice and may read it again someday.

The last that I chose to review here is Wake of The Perdido Star, co-authored by Gene Hackman and Daniel Lenihan.  It is a novel of Shipwrecks, pirates and the Sea.  We all know Gene Hackman as a very good actor and in this case, he is a very good author.  I have loaned it to several others who are avid readers and they had the same praise for the writing.  My brother-in-law, Jack, one who reads a couple of paper-backs per week, gave it an excellent review.

These are quality books, on subjects of interest and even if you only read one or two books a year, you owe it to yourself to visit one of these unique piles of literature and check them out. Besides the books, there so many other things you can get for just a dollar, you’ll get hooked like the rest of us. Or maybe you already are and just never looked through the stacks of books. 

See you at the Dollar Tree

Don Langrehr


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