“Old” is a nasty word!

It was Sunday again and time for my weekly excursion. First a stop at Mariner Bank to pick up some of the loot that was left there by the money fairies.  Son, Lance, is the chauffeur today and he gets to tend the money machine.  Next stop on the loop, after the money has been successfully dispensed, is what  everyone is now referring to as the old Walmart.  (The “new” Walmart would be their latest Super Store that has opened on Belair Road.)

After one trip there several weeks ago, just to check it out, I have an idea for a whole new service.  GPS for large stores! They have it on Golf Carts, why not shopping carts?  Dumb idea? Probably.  It’s just some dumb old man’s silly thoughts!  And speaking of old men, that brings me back to the old Walmart, where we actually went on this day because we wanted to do our grocery thing at the Giant in Box  Hill. .

This old  Walmart used to be our regular stop after breakfast at McDonalds when I was the driver for the four “Hartman” girls, as my wife and her 3 sisters were known in their “heyday”. First it was Mass at St. Stephen, had to go on Saturday because they wanted to attend the Miraculous Medal Novena after Mass, then on to Mickey “D”s .  We shopped at that Walmart so many years, we grew old with all the people who worked there. They were all gone!  I did not see one friendly old face that I recognized.  Maybe they are with Sam Walton or maybe they are all at the “new” Walmart in Fallston.

Back to why I started this piece in the first place… I stopped to talk with two young  people standing at the door, they were very friendly and we had a pleasant chat.  As I was being wheeled away in my wheelchair (my old ears  are still working) I heard one of them say: “Wasn’t he a nice old man?” My blood suddenly ran cold.  He was talking about me…….I’m old ……They didn’t say it to my face yet but that’s next I guess.  I guess they thought , old as he is, he can’t hear what we are saying.

I do know what my age is, it’s 81 , and like they say, that is old in any man’s book, but I guess no one except family members have ever really called me old  and they usually did it with a smile (after they saw the gun). 

If we’re lucky we will all get there, poke fun at it and hopefully enjoy a few years of it.  I was unlucky losing someone while getting here but I have so many others, old and young, whom  I love and can count on. And now today, I was officially reminded that I have arrived.  Old doesn’t last very long but let’s face it young doesn’t last long enough either when you really come down to it.  So…I  thank you,  young Walmart  person, you gave me pause…

Don Langrehr


Speaking of Walmart…have you entered our contest to win a $100 gift card to Walmart?  There’s one day left, what are you waiting for?


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3 Responses to “Old” is a nasty word!

  1. Michele Wieland says:

    What a cute piece!!! Age is only a number! I once saw something in my doctor’s office that said Don’t complain about getting old others are denied the privilege I honestly didn’t think much of it until last summer when my husband’s best friend died suddenly at 38 of a massive heart attack. I have vowed from now on every year, every wrinkle I will celebrate them all….

    Speaking of old I have to chuckle when my son comes running when Willard Scott does the Smucker’s birthday’s (They have to be 100) He loves those old people!!! I do too…My grandpa is 85 years young…and still a member of the mug Club at Red Brick Station and has lunch and a beer there every Tuesday…. Never stop doing what you love is the moral to that!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey Don

      Loved your article -keep up the good work. With your attitude, you’ll definitely make it to 100 (that’s good, isn’t it?)

      Keep in touch – Love ya, Nancy

      P.S. Discounts are great – I say, “If you’re gonna be old, let them pay you for it”

  2. Robin says:

    All of our numbers keep going up. That is “a good thing” to quote Martha! We will all get older but our hearts stay young. I will always enjoy the age that I am because I will never be that age again.
    P.S. I don’t think you are OLD!

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