Saving money at the click of a button

If you are shopping online (and who isn’t) then you definitely should be using online coupon codes.  It’s faster, easier and usually more lucrative than clipping coupons to take with you into the store.  The key is knowing where to find the codes and how to use them.

Almost every large retailer allows for the use of coupon codes and, if they don’t, you should find someone who does.  Most companies you frequent will send you codes via e-mail or snail-mail.  Sometimes you need to pull a sticker or scratch off the code to discover if you have earned a 10%, 15% or %30 discount.  Sometimes the discounts are only sent to certain customers, depending on their shopping habits and regularity (or lack there of) of visits.

There are great ways to get the low-down on all current coupon codes without waiting for flyers to appear in your mailbox or e-mails to appear in your inbox.  Your best bet is to find a couple of coupon code websites that you really like.  If you Google “Online coupon codes” you will get over 52,000,000 (yes, that is fifty-two million!) results.  How in the world would you ever wade through all of that.  It is overwhelming and well, just not worth the effort – right?

That’s why I am here!  I will share a few of my favorites with you in hopes that you will never pay full price or shipping again!  The site that tops my list is definitely Retail Me Not.  This is always my first stop when ever shopping for anything online.  Just enter the name of the company, or their website, and you are immediately provided with a list of all coupon codes, printable codes and store offers currently available for this retailer.  You’ll even see what the average amount of money saved per transaction might be as well as user feedback on whether the coupon worked and/or if there were any other benefits or problems that occurred when using the code.

Keep in mind that, as with most sites, the majority of the codes are reader submitted so there are occasionally errors but, for the most part, I have found this to be a very comprehensive list.  While you are there, enter the codes you’ve recently received, there might be others that could use what you have to offer.

A few other great sites are, Coupon Cabin and Coupon Heaven, just to name a few.  So get out there and save yourself some money!  I have not made a purchase on the internet without using a coupon code in years and often try to find ways to combine coupon codes (although not always possible) for extra savings. 

Earlier in the summer, I purchased several pair of shorts for my kids from a name brand retailer.  The retail cost would have been $87 + tax + shipping.  I spent $23.15 total!  Here’s how I did it – The store was running a sale + I used a coupon code for 30% off + the site allowed me to double up on the coupons so I was able to get free shipping as well.  Fantastic!

Another great way to save some cash using the internet is to visit sites geared towards saving money at your local favorite restaurants, my favorite is  Not all restaurants participate but, for those that do, you can get a great deal.  Just be mindful of spending requirements.  You don’t want to purchase a $100 gift card for $25 only to find that you need to spend $200 in order to use it!  Again, watch for discount codes for this website too.  I’ve gotten $50 gift cards to local restaurants for only $3.00!

Look, we all know that finances are tight for everyone these days and I am not suggesting that you should now, armed with this knowledge, run out and shop to your heart’s delight.  But…if you need or plan to make a purchase anyway, why not research your options and do your best to hang on to as much of your hard-earned dollar as possible.

So, give them a try and come back to let me know how much money you’ve saved.   Or, if you know of a great site that I haven’t mentioned, please share!  I’d love to hear from you!


Jennifer Kline





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