Staying dry, saving money and seeking help

As the saying goes: “Desperate times call for desperate measures”, and I think these wet, dreary days and nights that we have been suffering through could be classified as desperate times.  Most of us are not only desperate for a dry spot to relax  but we are also desperate for something to occupy us so we don’t just pull a Rip Van Winkle and sleep away the days.

Luckily, I am an avid reader but with the amount of reading you can do during weather like this, my credit card is rebelling. I love Barnes & Noble but I can not afford to spend all my time and money there.  My children gave me eReader for my birthday last year and my Nook and I have been constant companions lately.

I know, you say that you still have to buy the eBooks but that is not necessarily so.  I have purchased quite a few but I knew they offered some old classics and such for free, so instead of searching by specific title or author, I just typed in “free books”. 

Do you know just how many free books they offer? Only 1,924,304.  So in desperation I started paging through this mass of “freebies” and found there is a lot of 18 page stuff that they publish for free that cannot really be classified as a book but after going through a hundred pages or so I did find  some old classics like The Last of the Mohicans and even found some of  Hemingway’s books.

Another thing that might be considered an act of desperation is re-reading. I cannot keep all the books I purchase or that are given to me, just don’t have that kind of space and besides someone else could enjoy them as much as I did so I take most of them to the library.  They have used book sales on a regular basis and for a few dollars the book is out again to be enjoyed. But like everyone else, I  guess, I keep some favorites that I think I might want to read again so I have about 50 or so in my own personal “library”. 

I was desperate one afternoon and started going through my collection and wedged between two “classics” by Jimmy Buffett,  I found a small green book, only 119 pages, that we had purchased at a yard sale years ago and I had forgotten.  Title is RAZUKA and sub-title is A Susquehanna Princess and Other Harford Verse, authored by Henry Clay Hall.  It is a First Edition numbered 97, signed by the author and was published in Bel Air MD by the Bel Air Times Press in 1935.

I  spent  a few days trying to find out something about the book but no luck. Neither the Harford County nor Baltimore County Library  have a copy and the Enoch Pratt in Baltimore has never heard of it.  There is  some beautiful verse  in  the book  In addition to the 60 pages dedicated to RAZUKA there are 19  beautiful poems about places  in Harford  like the The Susquehanna, Abingdon, Deer Creek, Tudor Hall etc..If anyone else has a copy or knows anything about the book or author, I would very much like to hear from you.

Don Langrehr


How are you keeping yourself busy in this dreary weather?


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2 Responses to Staying dry, saving money and seeking help

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading, no wonder you have so much information on all kinds of subjects! That’s something for the youngsters to learn from.

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