Save money at Walmart – Win a $100 gift card!

It’s “Frugal Friday” and I’m here to tell you about a great way to save money on your next trip to Walmart…use the $100 gift card you’ve won from The Zone!

Due to our little visit by Irene, we were in a bit of a pickle in trying to get this month’s issue published in time, but we did it, just by the skin of our teeth.  The problem is, we know that there were some errors that slipped by us – so we need your help.

Check out the September issue of The Zone Magazine and find as many mistakes as you can, list them in an e-mail and then send them to us at  One winner will be chosen on September 16th from all of the entries we receive.  So, get out your red pen and find those errors!

Don’t worry…you won’t hurt our feelings!



About The Zone Magazine

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