Relax your way to healthy

I’ve written plenty of Wellness Wednesday articles on your physical well-being.  I’ve written about nutrition/diet & exercise and I’ve mentioned that there are many pieces to the wellness puzzle.  What I haven’t taken time to discuss in our emotional well-being. 

Wellness is more than just eating right and getting exercise.  In order to truly “be well”, you have to be emotionally healthy also.  You have to take care of the mental part of you!  Bottom line, you have to take care of YOU.

Too many people live their lives trying to please others.  This group of “others” can include parents, a spouse or significant other, one’s children, friends… You get the idea.  Who is left out of that group?  YOU!  And who has to be healthy to be able to take care of all the other people/things that need taking care of in your life?  Yep, you guessed it, YOU!

Being emotionally healthy requires you to understand yourself.  Understanding yourself is a process of getting to know yourself by knowing your thoughts, feelings and behaviors  but then also understanding them. 

Being emotionally healthy is about having balance, perhaps doing as much for yourself as you do for others.  It is about learning from your mistakes, not dwelling on them.  It’s about taking pride in yourself, not asking others to be proud of you.  It’s about being independent, learning to cope with stress, being optimistic… And, most of all, ENJOYING YOUR LIFE!  You’re the one that has to live it, so why not love it while you’re living it.

Make the time to take a look at your life.  Perhaps looking at the relationships in it and your day-to-day activities then also look to see what’s lacking (with the optimism that you’re going to go out and get it).  Make time for you. 

See where things are working and where things aren’t, with the intention to keep the good and tweak the not so good.  Do you have a time each day where you can just relax?  For you, this may be going to the gym, reading a book, taking a nap.  If not, make sure you do.  Again, it’s your life, so you might as well take care of you and live emotionally well, right?

Carri Nelsen

How do you maintain your emotional wellness?


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