Brand-named vs. Generic

Are brand name products better than their generic counterparts?  That is the question.  Unfortunately, the answer isn’t quite as easy.

One great way to cut back on the dollars you spend at the grocery store is to purchase generic products rather than the more expensive brand-named version.  Many times, generic products are just as good and, often times they are exactly the same*.

As an example, my family enjoys watching the television show “How it’s made“.  Just recently we saw an episode that explained how canned corn came to be and what we learned was that the plant canned the corn and then sat it aside to be labelled according to the orders they received.  Many different labels were being applied to the same corn which was processed in the same way by the same plant!

Over the years, my family and I have found many generic versions of products that we are happy with (cookies, pasta, ketchup, frozen veggies, some canned products, etc).  We have also found some that just didn’t cut the mustard, as far as were concerned.

One thing to consider is the quality of the product ingredients especially when you are talking about food products (ex. meats & dairy) and how that works into your families healthy eating plan.  Another thing to consider is whether a product is made in the USA – for some folks this is of high consideration and worth paying a higher price, for others it is a matter of getting what you can for your family on the budget available to you.

Overall, buying generic can save you a good bit of money in the long run but it takes a bit of trial and error to find out which products will work for you.  My method of working through the madness is to purchase one or two “sample” generic products (that appeal to me) each time I do my grocery shopping.  The family tests them out and then hands down a verdict.  

I never know what the answer will be but when I get a unanimous thumbs up, I know that I have found one more way to save money at the register.

Happy Shopping!

What are your thoughts on generic vs. brand-named products?

Jennifer Kline – I have tried a variety of money-saving ideas over the years, some that work and some that just weren’t worth the time and effort.  I hope that you will come back each Friday to learn my tips and tactics for hanging on to your hard-earned dollar.  I also hope that you will share some of your tips with me by sending them to
*Please note that all things are not necessarily created equally and you should always consult with your doctor and/or pharmacist before replacing medications with the generic versions.

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