Mix up your routine!

People have many complaints about their work outs.  I’ve heard a variety of different issues and can relate to most, if not all, of them. 

First, boredom.  “I get so bored doing the same thing, all the time.”  then add this to the end of the sentence, “…and I’m not seeing any results.”  There’s also, “I’ve been working out for months and I don’t see any changes.” 

Yes, it’s true.  You can work out every single day and get to a point where you see very little in terms of results.  Why?  One reason is your eating habits.  Working out doesn’t earn you the right to pig out (unless you’re one of those folks that has the killer metabolism I’ve been dreaming about my whole life).  Another reason could be a lack of change/variety.

Let’s just say that you go from doing little to no exercise at all to walking for 20-30 minutes/day.  Yes, this is excellent and you should see some results, perhaps weight loss, if you have a decent diet.  Take that walk and keep it going for 2-3 months.  Do you think you’re going to continue to lose weight?  Probably not.  Your body went from doing nothing to doing something, hence a change.  But, then your body got used to that something and, I guess you could say, learned that it’s just a  part of the new you.

So, what now?  Mix something into that walk.  Do some interval jogging during your walk, and increase the amount of time, if you are able to.  What else?  Maybe take on another form of cardiovascular exercise every other work out.  Take a 30 minutes bike ride one day and perhaps walk the next.  Bottom line, keep your body guessing.  Shock it.  Keep it from expecting the same work out, time after time.

I used to be a creature of habit.  I’d do strength training and cycling on Monday, take a Step class on Tuesday, do some strength training on Wednesday, followed by the Step Mill.  On Thursday I took Step aerobics….  You see where I’m going.  It was easy for me to know what I was doing, based on the day.  Eventually, it became easy for my body, because it wasn’t being challenged anymore.  Now, I do what the mood strikes, making sure I’m getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve hit an exercise plateau, maybe it’s time for you to kick it up a notch!  Mix in something new and surprise that body of yours.  Keep with a routine for a few weeks, then see what happens when you add something in, or build up the amount of time, weight, etc.  This can help you alleviate boredom, while allowing you to continue to, perhaps, see some new results.

Happy Mixing!   

Carri Nelsen

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