Cleaning up Your Diet

I’ve said it once and I’m sure I’ll say it 100 (thousand) more times… Overall wellness is a combination of regular exercise and good nutrition.  If you’re interested in taking another step toward wellness, you need to think about cleaning up your diet. 

Many see the word “diet” and automatically think of being ON a diet.  But, if you consult Mr. Webster, you will find that one’s diet is “the food and drink regularly provided or consumed” or “habitual nourishment”.  Diet is simply your way of eating; your eating habits.  So, how can we clean it up, you ask?  Another article, another topic I’ve come to know only in the past 6 or 8 months… CLEAN EATING.

You may be familiar with Tosca Reno (if not, check out*).  I, however, wasn’t until rather recently.  Tosca Reno is the author of several books/cookbooks having to do with “eating clean”.  Clean eating can be a challenge for many, because it does exactly what it says, cleans things up!  It moves you away from those highly processed foods, the man-made foods that have become the “go to” foods for many of us, due to convenience, availability, etc. 

 When one eats clean, he/she eats whole and natural foods (unprocessed), lean protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and only the healthy fats.  These are foods with no chemical additions or preservatives and foods that are often organic.  Doesn’t sound that complicated, does it?

Here are few suggestions:

WHOLE GRAINS – As mentioned in my article about white vs. wheat flour and Ezekiel bread, avoid the white, processed flours.  Eat brown rice instead of white, oatmeal, whole grain breads and pastas (or even try the sprouted grain variety). 

LEAN PROTEIN – Opt for chicken and turkey (naturally fed = avoiding chemicals/growth hormones), instead of beef.  Take the yolk out of your eggs.  Add fish to your diet. 

FRUITS & VEGGIES – Instead of grabbing a can or a bag of frozen fruits/veggies, buy fresh and perhaps organic.  Eat a variety in color, gaining a variety of antioxidants and nutrients.

BEVERAGES – Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins from your system.   A glass or two a day will not give you the amount your body needs to function at its optimal level.  Avoid alcohol.  Limit caffeine. 

Can you make Clean Eating your way of life?  Go out and grab a book on the subject.  Make a few clean meals.  They truly can be delicious, if you only give them a shot.  Once you get the hang of cooking and eating clean, it will become second nature.  You’ll look better (lose weight if you need to ), feel better (gaining the energy you need to function) and you’ll be doing your body a big favor. 

*Other websites recommended to me have been and ).

Carri Nelsen

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