Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Good for the earth and your wallet.

We’ve heard the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” over and over for many years now.  What a great way to help the environment and to keep from trashing up the earth even more than we already have.  That alone should be enough of an incentive for us to continue those great habits but, I have to admit, I love the added benefit of saving tons of money in the process.

My family has been reusing long before it was considered “eco-friendly” and “cool”.  My mother had a collection of margarine tubs that were used for everything from storing left-overs to collecting bugs (don’t worry, the left-overs came before the bugs, not the other way around!).  Then, when the containers were worn out, my grandmother would take the lids and connect them in the center with a button, making card holders that we could use while playing a game of rummy.

Even now, my kids have way more fun with an empty box and some sticks they find in the yard than they do with the new toy or gadget they purchased with their allowance money.  Sure, that new thing is fun for the first few days but the excitement wears off and, before you know it, they are back outside making up new games using things found around the house and yard.

Over the past few years, many more people are embracing the frugal life-style.  Less is more and we don’t have to run out and buy something new every day.  If you find you are in need of an item, take a look around your house and you just may find the perfect substitute. 

Do you need a nice new flower-pot for the front yard?  You could run out and buy one for $50+ or you could take the old wheel barrow in the back of the garage that never gets used, slap on a little paint, fill it with potting soil and plants – wha-la, instant yard art.

Every one of us has something (in my case, many things!) lying around the house that could be put to good use.  I recommend that everyone check out, it is a great resource for passing on your reusable items and/or finding treasures of your own.  You know the old saying…One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

So get in your closets, basements, attic and garage and do some treasure hunting.  Then sit back and take a look at how much money you’ve saved by reusing and know that you’ve done good!

What are your favorite ways or reusing?  Post to the comments below.  If you have photos, even better – send them to

Jennifer Kline

I have tried a variety of money-saving ideas over the years, some that work and some that I didn’t feel were worth the time and effort.  I hope that you will come back each Friday to learn my tips and tactics for hanging on to your hard-earned dollar.  I also hope that you will share some of your tips with me by sending them to


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