Personal Trainer? Do I really need one of those?

Until about a year ago, group fitness was really all I knew about the gym, other than the cardio area.  When I was in high school, I did spend time in the weight room, but I had no clue what I was doing.  I’d just jump on machines and do what I thought I was supposed to do. 

Within the last 12 months, I’ve gotten to know another important aspect of the gym, “the floor”.  If Group Fitness isn’t your thing, perhaps hiring a trainer and getting to know it yourself, is right for you.

I used to spend a lot of time on the “Cardio Deck” at Gold’s, watching the Personal Trainers walk their clients around, demo something and then talk them through a few sets on a given piece of equipment or with weights.  It kept me entertained but even my observation never got me down there to use the equipment myself.  I didn’t need a Personal Trainer or those machines/free weights… I taught Body Pump and Cycling, and took Body Step and did Cardio!  At least that’s what I thought.

About a year ago, something in me changed.  I got hired as the Group Fitness Manager at Gold’s and realized that I needed to know more about the world outside my GGX/Cycle rooms.  I preached to my classes that they should “Jump on the Cardio Deck” after class, but never suggested they work out on “the floor”.  Why?  Well, because they had me and my fellow Pump Instructors to teach them.  Realizing that was quite selfish and not a “team” attitude, I went and hired a trainer myself.  I wanted to see what was out there; I had to try it out.

What I came to find, in all of this, is that I absolutely LOVED working out with free weights and machines.  It was a different work out, it focused for a shorter time on individual muscle groups, with heavier weights. (For those of you who don’t know Body Pump, it is a muscle conditioning work out that focuses, for about 5 minutes, on a specific muscle group, working through all muscle groups in a one hour class – Lower weight, more repetitions.)  I did enough sessions with my trainer to get a couple solid work outs, then could do them on my own.  Down the road, I spent a little more money and get some new stuff…  It was great!

So, if the idea of Group Fitness doesn’t seem to be your thing, perhaps working with a Personal Trainer could be.  I can honestly say, it’s changed the way I feel (and look) quite a bit.  It’s also made me a more well-rounded gym member. 

There’s a trainer out there for everyone… At Gold’s we have a great team of trainers who do a variety of different things – Male trainers, female trainers, those who focus on Cross Fit Training (perhaps you’ll read about this down the road), those who train with free weights and machines.  Feel free to ask me for suggestions; I can help you choose the right fit for you!

Carri Nelsen

Do you, or have you, worked with a personal trainer?  Share your experience with others by leaving a comment below.

Do you have fitness questions for Carri?  Send them to and we’ll try to get those questions answered in an upcoming post. 


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