Jump into Fitness…Join a Gym.

There are many pieces in the wellness puzzle but the two I find most important are overall fitness and nutrition.  Today I’d like to discuss one option in achieving your fitness goals. 

A very simple way to work fitness into your lifestyle is to join a gym.  If you’re eyes just came to a screeching halt and you’re about to stop reading, this week’s post is for YOU! 

Why?  Because, perhaps, it’s fear that’s having you turn away.  If it’s cost, a totally different topic altogether.  Please do yourself a favor and shop around.  To complete your wellness puzzle and to live healthier for a little longer, you can find a place that works into your budget (especially if you cut out that morning drive thru breakfast sandwich or that $4 cup of Starbucks each day.)

With that said, let’s get down to it and talk about the fear.  The gym can be a very intimidating place.  Simply getting in the front door takes a lot out of some people.  Many never even get that far. 

This happens for many reasons.  Think about your average gym… A wide open space with a lot of fancy equipment.  If you aren’t a regular, it can be like entering a foreign country where everyone seems to speak a foreign language (reps, sets, cardio deck, etc.). 

There’s not much privacy in this world, and if you’re not in the best shape, it can magnify your intimidation of the place.  I had a friend tell me a while back, “Oh my gosh, I could NEVER work out at your gym.  They all look so fit and I’m just plain frumpy.”  It’s hard to convey to someone that it’s not about the clothes you wear or the shoes you walk in.  It’s about getting in and getting past the fear.  That’s how you’re going to hop on the healthy train!

I obviously belong to Gold’s Gym in Shrewsbury, where I work.  I have to confess that my first thought when applying for a teaching position there was, “Hmmm… I’m no body builder and I probably won’t be as fit as the rest of them.”  I had this mythical impression of Gold’s Gym.  Why?  The logo, what I’d “heard” about Gold’s, and all the other “things” that made me formulate this imaginary picture of what a Gold’s gym would look like.  I had a fear.  Would I fit in?  Would they like me?  Would people take my class?  After walking in the front door, facing my fears and doing what I love to do… Teach… I was just fine.  I fell in love with Gold’s and feel that everyone could fall in love with their own gym, if they just got through the front door.

You can join a gym to do cardiovascular exercise, on your own.  You can join to work with a trainer, using the weights and machines or doing Cross Fit.  You can join to do group exercise classes like Cycling, Pilates, Yoga, Body Pump, Body Step, etc.  At our gym, along with many others, women can choose to workout in their own private exercise room.  (Sorry guys… I’ve got nothing for ya!) 

Bottom line here… YOU CAN join a gym!  Help put that critical piece called fitness into your wellness puzzle and go out and do some gym interviews today.  If it’s about getting in the front door, call me!  I’ll personally walk you into Gold’s in Shrewsbury.  Heck, I’ll walk you to one of my classes or take you to one of many of my team’s amazing classes – I’ll stay and take it with you.  I’ll introduce you to a trainer that would meet your needs, or I’ll leave you alone, if that’s what you’d like.  It’s worth looking into.  It may be just the motivation you need to get into fitness or it may be the next step in kicking your fitness routine up a notch. 

Carri Nelsen

Do you have fitness questions for Carri?  Send them to blogs@thezonemag.com and we’ll try to get those questions answered in an upcoming post. 


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